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How can economy, government benefit? Task force formed


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NJ Budget 2024: Phil Murphy on corporate surcharge, business future

Phil Murphy discussed corporate surcharge, and the business future in New Jersey at his 2024 budget address.

Paul Wood Jr,

New Jersey government — like many industries, businesses and other public entities — is putting new focus on the benefits of artificial intelligence.

Gov. Phil Murphy established an Artificial Intelligence Task Force to study the technology and analyze the impact it would have on society as well as figure out what state government can do to prompt the ethical use of AI technologies. 

“As a hub for commercial activity, business, and research and development, New Jersey has long served as a national leader for innovation and the development of new technologies,” Murphy said in a statement. “With the rapid development of AI, New Jersey aspires to harness these new technologies and realize their benefits to better serve our state, encourage innovation and economic growth, and promote social and economic equity.”

What will the NJ AI task force do?

Murphy said the task force will not only analyze its growth and potential risks. In addition to the task force, Murphy intends to educate the state workforce about the development, use and risks of AI. There will be free AI training targeted to state workers in the coming months. 

The task force will include several cabinet members, or representatives for them to consult with industry leaders, academic experts, consumer advocates and government innovators to build out its recommendations.

What will different NJ agencies do to explore AI?

There will also be work for certain state agencies and departments. According to the governor’s office that includes:

  1. The Economic Development Authority will explore ways in which artificial intelligence can stimulate economic growth, create jobs, and be deployed by employers to enhance training and talent development, especially for low-income residents.

  2. The Office of the Secretary of Higher Education will review artificial intelligence technologies as a research opportunity for New Jersey colleges and universities.

  3. The Office of Information Technology shall develop a policy to govern and facilitate use of artificial intelligence technologies by executive branch departments and agencies.

  4. The Office of Information Technology shall evaluate tools and strategies to improve government services through artificial intelligence.

  5. The Office of Information Technology, the Office of Innovation, and the Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness shall support executive branch departments and agencies in responsibly deploying artificial intelligence technologies to improve the delivery of government services.

What will AI’s impacts on underserved NJ communities be?

While there is concern throughout the country on the impact the use of artificial intelligence will have on underserved and underrepresented communities, those issues can be addressed before any action is taken.

Natalie Hamilton, a spokesperson for the governor’s office, said that the task force is “specifically charged with the responsibility of providing recommendations that take into consideration the use of AI as it pertains to equity and individual and civil rights.” She also noted that it is “advisory in nature and any recommendations presented by the task force will be reviewed by the governor with equity at the forefront of further decision-making.”

Katie Sobko covers the New Jersey Statehouse. Email:

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