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100 charitable organizations in the UK are set to receive a portion of a £1 million fund

Over 100 charitable organizations in the UK are set to receive a portion of a £1 million fund from Ecclesiastical Insurance and Benefact Group. This marks the fifth consecutive year that the Movement for Good awards will distribute these funds to support various causes. The public was invited to nominate their favorite charities, with 150 selected charities receiving £1,000 each.

In total, over 800 brokers submitted nominations for charities of their choice, resulting in a diverse group of beneficiaries. Among them are Bipolar UK LTD in London, which offers support to individuals living with bipolar disorder, Gloucestershire Nightstop, providing emergency accommodation for 16-25 year olds, and The Saturday Café Club in Scotland, engaging young disabled children in enjoyable activities. Ecclesiastical attributed the selection of these charities to the overwhelming support from the public.

The public's generosity extended to over 15,000 good causes in the UK and Ireland, with more than 245,000 nominations received. The 150 winning charities were chosen at random from these nominations, following a previous selection of 150 winners in June. Throughout the year, Ecclesiastical and the Benefact Group will continue to provide additional gifts.

Since the inception of these awards, nearly 2 million people have made nominations, positively impacting communities across the UK and Ireland. Over £5 million has been distributed to support over 2,500 charities.

This year, 420 charities will each receive £1,000 donations, and 40 special grants of £5,000 will be awarded to good causes in specific sectors. The selection process is random, but charities that received more nominations have a higher chance of being chosen. Later this year, an additional £500,000 in larger grants will be given.

Richard Coleman, managing director at Ecclesiastical, expressed gratitude to their broker partners and customers for their support, emphasizing their commitment to making a positive societal impact. He also highlighted a recent survey revealing that more than half of schools believe they could benefit from additional guidance on crime and security risks from their insurer or insurance broker.

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