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Year-end Accounts


Your annual financial report card! They offer a snapshot of your company's performance and financial health.

Don't be left in the dark about your business. Year-end accounts provide vital information for informed decision-making.

Year-end approaching? MHC & CO can help you prepare accurate and compliant year-end accounts for a stress-free year-end close.

Business Partners

Ensure transparency and accountability with professionally prepared year-end accounts from MHC & CO.

Gain valuable insights into your profitability, growth, and financial position with well-presented year-end accounts

Meet your legal and regulatory requirements by having compliant year-end accounts filed on time.


Year-end accounts provide investors, creditors, and other stakeholders with a clear picture of your company's financial performance.

Build trust and confidence with accurate and transparent year-end accounts prepared by MHC & CO.

Gain peace of mind knowing your company's financial health is accurately represented through compliant year-end accounts.


Make informed business decisions based on the valuable insights revealed by comprehensive year-end accounts.

Minimize the risk of errors and penalties with expert assistance in preparing your year-end accounts.

Save valuable time and resources by outsourcing your year-end accounts to MHC & CO's experienced professionals.

Partnership Accounts


  • Running a business with a partner? Understanding partnership accounts is crucial for tracking finances and ensuring fair profit distribution.

  • Partnership accounts go beyond basic bookkeeping. They provide a detailed breakdown of each partner's contributions and shares.

  • Don't let confusion cloud your partnership. Maintain clear and accurate partnership accounts for a healthy working relationship.

Business Partners

  • Ensure transparency and trust in your partnership with well-maintained partnership accounts.

  • Track each partner's capital contributions and profit distributions with clear and organized partnership accounts.

  • Make informed business decisions together based on the insights revealed by accurate partnership accounts.

Accountants and Financial Professionals

  • Streamline partnership accounting for your clients with efficient systems and expert guidance from MHC & CO.

  • Help your clients maintain regulatory compliance with accurate and up-to-date partnership accounts.

  • Offer valuable insights and support to partners, fostering a strong financial foundation for their business.

  • Minimize the risk of disputes and disagreements with clear and transparent partnership accounts.

  • Simplify tax preparation for partners with well-organized financial records.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your partnership's financial performance through detailed partnership accounts.

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